If You Are Planning on Visiting Cape Town:

If you are planning on visiting Cape Town, one of the most charming and beautiful cities in South Africa, you should be aware that this is a region famous for its spectacularly good wine. Cape Town wines are famed the world over for their excellence, so why not enjoy a Stellenbosch wine route tour through the Franschhoek Valley, while you are in the region? There are many options you can choose from including the fun and enjoyable Wine Tram, which takes you through the spectacular scenery of the Franschhoek Valley, plus much more besides.

Here you get the opportunity to visit some of the oldest and most highly regarded wine farms in South Africa and sample the wonderful wines they produce, and the region is also home to some of the best restaurants around, perfect for a romantic meal for two. You could even choose to take one of the fascinating Cape Town day tours that allow you to explore more of the city and the region around it, and you will learn more about the culture and history of this wonderful place by doing so. Whatever you choose to do you will enjoy an experience never to be forgotten.

For many visitors the Wine Tram is the highlight of their visit, and it’s easy to see why! The opportunity to tour this fascinating and notably spectacular part of South Africa on board a modern-built traditional tram is an experience not to be forgotten, and provides a great day out for both adults and children. The choice of tours takes you to some of the very fines wine estates in the world, and you will relish the opportunity to view the beautiful scenery, from the vineyards to the mountains, from the comfort of the tram.

As you are free to hop on and off at will at any of the many stops along the route you can plan a picnic or a walk in this wonderful valley, and enjoy a relaxed and inspiring day out in the Franschhoek Valley. However, we strongly recommend you take the chance to indulge in fine wines at some of the estates along the way, as you will not find better anywhere in South Africa. This is the place where wine growing began in the country, and it remains the premier place for sampling delicious fine wine and gourmet meals for visitors to the country. We are confident the Stellenbosch Wine Tram tour will delight all who take the opportunity to try it.

So, how did this region of South Africa come to be the prime wine making region of the country? As the on-board commentary will explain the story began more than 300 years ago with religious unrest in France. Aa number of French settlers left their country after experiencing persecution, and eventually chose the Franschhoek Valley as the ideal place to grow the vines they needed to continue their wine making pursuit. These people were effectively the experts of the day, and brought tried and tested wine making techniques to their new home, which soon flourished.

Many of the estates you see on the Wine Tram tour were founded in those early days, and represent the very heart of wine making in South Africa. With your adult ticket comes complimentary tastings at two of the selected estates along the route, where you will be able to sample two or three of the best wines available at the time. This is a chance to enjoy a genuinely unique opportunity and get to taste truly fine wine, and the chance to dine is also on offer. Imagine enjoying a wonderful meal – complete, of course, with fine wine accompaniment – in one of the best restaurants in the country; that is what is on offer when you take the Wine Tram tour. To avoid disappointment, we recommend you book your meal in advance, as the restaurants are very popular at all times, and especially for lunch and evening bookings.

The Stellenbosch Wine Tram experience is often cited as one of the best experiences available to visitors in the region, and we have a choice of four tours that you can opt for, each of which has its own unique merits. The Blue Line is a combination of tram-bus and traditional tram, and is especially favoured for its fine views of the spectacular mountains of the Franschhoek Valley. The route takes in some of the premier estates in the valley including Le Lude – famous for its sparkling wines – plus La Petit Dauphine, where you can dine in the splendid hotel restaurant and enjoy some of the finest dishes around, the famous Grande Provence and many more.

The second of our routes is the Green Line, which is a wonderful trip through the Valley taking in the stunning vineyard scenery and offering fine views of the towering mountains. You may be able to sample fine wines at the quaintly named Rickety Bridge, where you can take a cellar tour and indulge in tasting of some of the best wines from the valley, plus dine in the highly rated restaurant. The tour also stops at Holden Manz – an estate famous for some very fine wines and its up to the minute cellar- plus many other established wine estates that represent the very best of South Africa.

Take the Red Line for a relaxed and very beautiful journey through the vineyards, and stop off at La Bri, an old estate that is regarded the world over, Chamonix and a number of other fine estates, or choose the Yellow Line for its wonderful views and choice of the best estates in the Franschhoek Valley. We have detailed timetables on the website for you to plan your journey, and you are free to get on and off at any of the stops and explore the region in your own time.

If wine is your preference then you really will love the tour; you will discover a wide variety of cellars from smaller, boutique offerings to larger producers, all within a short distance of each other and served by the Wine Tram. In fact, talking the Stellenbosch Wine Tram tour is a journey through the very history of wine making in South Africa, such is the importance of this attractive and inspiring place.

As the Stellenbosch Wine Tram tours are becoming ever more popular we now offer transfers to and from Cape Town; this is a door to door service covering Cape Town and the surrounding area – including the airport – and is exclusively arranged for each booking. For an affordable price you can enjoy the convenience of staying in Cape Town and being able to reach the Wine Tram tour easily, and we can also arrange for you to stay longer in Franschhoek and enjoy the region and the wine tour to the full.

We are proud to offer you the chance to experience this wonderful region of South Africa in such a charming and enjoyable way, and also to showcase the art and speciality of wine making and its rich history in the Franschhoek Valley. The combination of the mountain scenery, the wonderful rolling vineyards and the fine buildings of the old estates that now populate this once empty valley come together to provide plenty of opportunity for enjoyment, and all the family will be sure to enjoy a unique and exciting day out on the Stellenbosch Wine Tram tour.

Whether you choose to include a meal in your day out or take your own picnic – there are plenty of fine places to stop and enjoy the peace and quiet of the valley – we are sure you will have a wonderful time, and the sheer splendour of the valley is always something to behold. There is plenty of information on the various wine estates, their wines, restaurants and history available on the internet, and we encourage you to investigate further in order to choose those you wish to visit.

Cape Town is a wonderful city and the Franschhoek Valley and wine route are truly engaging adventures; as Cape Town attractions go this is one of the best and it is not to be missed. Many people who visit the region do so specifically as they are wine lovers, so if this is you then you are making an excellent choice of holiday destination. The tasting sessions are extremely popular – as are meal times at the best of the restaurants in the valley – so we are here to help you ensure you have tickets booked for your day out. Check out the timetables and routes on the website for more information on the best tome and choice of line for you.

This really is a unique opportunity to explore one of the most historic and fascinating areas of South Africa, so make sure you don’t miss out. For more details on Stellenbosch Wine Route tours and Cape Town visitor attractions, or to book your place on the Franschhoek Wine Tram in advance, give us a call now, and we will help you plan a trip that you will enjoy to the full.