Book a unique tour in Franschhoek Valley for your celebration or function from the team at Wine Tram

Travel through the picturesque vineyards of the Franschhoek Valley on tracks that were originally built in 1904 which The Wine Tram team brought back to life in 2012 for an experience of a lifetime. We will take you on a journey that takes you through lush vineyards that have been producing world renowned wines for over 300 years since the first local dwellers, foreign settlers and slaves first made this picturesque valley their home.

During the period of 1688 to 1689 a large number of French immigrants arrived in Franschhoek as they fled religious persecution and today many of the farms granted to the French settlers then still carry the French names these settlers gave their farms in honour of the country they were forced to flee.

The team at Wine Tram will take you on a narrated journey through these beautiful vineyards in our open-air trams and buses, giving you the opportunity to delve into more than just the finest wines and cuisine in the world.  Franschhoek is considered the food and wine capital in South Africa with good reason as thousands of visitors from everywhere in the world are warmly welcomed to this beautiful corner of the world we love passionately.

The Wine Tram offers group wine tram and bus tours with an itinerary that includes four wine estates in the Franschhoek Valley so that you are able to experience the rich character of the individual wines and the wine estates that produce them.  A premium wine tasting showcasing award winning wines is served to the group at each of the wine estates, and with world class restaurants on several of the wine estates you are welcome to let us know if you would like to include a lunch or picnic stop along the way.

This tour is private and exclusive to the group, pre-arranged to a set itinerary by the team at Franschhoek Wine Tram, and with our offer of special rates for groups of 20 or more guests you will find it hard to find a more unique way to entertain guests on a day out in Franschhoek Valley.