Cape Town Day Tours: Why The Wine Tram Is The Best Way To Do Wine Tasting In Franschhoek

Maybe we’re biased but we believe that South African wines are right up there with the best wines in the world. And when you come to Cape Town we’ll be more than happy to prove it!

There are so many things you just have to do in Cape Town, from climbing Table Mountain to having a lazy day on one of our beautiful beaches to tasting wine in South Africa’s only wine valley. With so many companies offering day tours in Cape Town, one of the tours you should definitely consider is the Wine Tram day tour in Franschhoek.

The Franschhoek Wine Tram

The Wine Tram transports passengers from one Wine Estate to the next offering a hop-on-hop-off experience so you’ll won’t be pressed for time. You can spend an hour or two at each Estate which is enough time to do a wine tasting, learn more about the winemaking process, take a tour through the cellar and perhaps a stroll through the vineyards. If you choose to stay for lunch, don’t stress about time, just relax, enjoy and take the next tram once you are finished.

What about the rest of Franschhoek?

Franschhoek is located 75 km east of Cape Town. This little town is over 300 years old and is influenced by French culture since it was French refugees who settled here three centuries ago. Franschhoek is also the food capital of South Africa with over 40 world-class restaurants offering cuisine you can only dream about. The main street is lined with trees, fascinating art galleries and gift shops.

Once you’ve made your way down the main road, you’ll walk right into the Huguenot Memorial Museum, reminding us of the French settlers during the seventeenth century.

Beyond the borders of the town, lies the remarkable rolling vineyards framed by majestic mountains. You’ll be able to enjoy this view while journeying on the open-air tram and bus. What better way can there exist to experience Franschhoek to its fullest? In our books, there aren’t any other Cape Town Attractions that come close.

Visit today and select one of our six available wine tram routes. You might need to book in advance since the wine tram can be fully booked for days on end. Once you’ve made your booking, make your way to the enchanting Franschhoek. If transport is a problem, we can arrange for pickup and drop-off anywhere in Cape Town.