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The farm, originally a plum farm, was purchased by Gael & John Nel in 1990. The plums were immediately ripped up and planted to vines. Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot were the preferred cultivars. Our first vintage was in 1995 - largely made for friends and family, followed by the first commercial vintage in 1996. A decision was made at that time to produce wines in a 500ml bottle as a unique selling point. After much abuse from my fellow winemakers, we relented, and started producing in "grown up " bottles.

Production was about 2000 cases of 6 and things went rather well. Shortly thereafter we were able to rent some land from a neighbour on a 20-year lease planting Shiraz, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot, and a bit more Merlot. We had wonderful success with the wine produced from that piece of land. The lease has expired, and we are now back to our roots, and will produce a Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot blend, and perhaps a single variety Merlot on a small scale. We are very excited to be back to our "small producer “status. Our tasting room is often a riot, most of our clients being friends of friends of friends, and our overseas market sees many repeat visitors.

We export about 50% of our production to Germany, USA, UK, Netherlands and occasionally Switzerland. Our latest wines include a Sparkling Shiraz MCC, as well as a pink MCC using Port varieties (not the standard South African cultivars)

Estate Offering

A truly personal wine tasting experience in the heart of the Banghoek valley.

When arriving on our humble farm, you might be greeted by our resident dogs, or take a walk through the quaint white rose garden, before settling down in the tasting room with one of our friendly team members, or if you’re lucky Johnny, who will tell you the stories behind the wines and help you discover your favourite! Whether you’re a beginner, intermediary or expert wine drinker, anyone is welcome to simply enjoy the pleasures of well-crafted wines.

For an extra special tasting experience, make a booking for a private cellar tasting experience. (Minimum 2 hours needed, only possible at limited times.)

Camberley Wine Estate

Activities: Wine tasting & Small snacks

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Wine Estate - Wine Tasting - Wine Farm Franschhoek
Wine Tasting
Wine Estate - Wine Tasting - Wine Farm Franschhoek
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