Fine Wine and Great Food in the Franschhoek Valley

There are so many activities and experiences available for visitors to the Western Cape that it can be difficult fitting everything you want to see into your schedule. We would like to invite you to enjoy one of the most relaxed and informative experiences of all, one where you will travel at leisure through beautiful landscapes on a fabulous open-air tram, and learn about the history of wine-making in the stunning Franschhoek Valley. This is the place where the finest of South Africa’s world-renowned wines are made, and it is a truly amazing place to be.

The Franschhoek Valley was settled more than 300 years ago by incomers from the French, fleeing religious persecution in their own country. They brought with them vine-growing and wine-making experience that was part of their culture, and chose this amazing valley as it offered the perfect conditions required. The result was the many ancient and established wine estates that now inspire the culture of the region, and you can visit them as part of the Wine Tram experience. As our trams run on a looped route you can get off and on at will, and enjoy a day exploring the valley and the estates at your own pace.

You can visit many of the wine estates – ranging from smaller boutique wine makers to the major names that dominate the market – and enjoy complimentary wine tastings as part of your deal, and you can book further tastings with the estates for a small fee. You can enjoy fine cuisine in any of the many restaurants across the valley, or you can simply take a walk through the vineyards should you. Book ahead for the Franschhoek Valley Wine Tram experience and you will be assured of a wonderful day out that will be remembered for ever.