There is no wine valley in the world that can compare with the magic of Franschhoek!

One can only imagine the absolute joy French Huguenots fleeing from persecution must have felt when they finally got to Franschhoek safely, only to realise that this valley was everything and more than they may have hoped for on what was then still considered the frightening continent of Africa.  The discovery that the land in the valley surrounding them offered the perfect climate and soil in which to carry on the precious tradition of winemaking so close to their hearts was the start of one of the finest wine valleys in the world!

Today, Franschhoek is one of the most sought after destinations for visitors from every corner of the globe wanting to experience all that this beautiful valley and the village of Franschhoek has to offer with its breathtaking scenery, warm hospitality, world class cuisine and world renowned wines.

Franschhoek is the heart of the Cape Winelands, and in the midst of all this beauty, the Franschhoek Wine Tram takes visitors on a leisurely tour that meanders from one wine estate to another, in the comfort of an open-air tram that offers uninterrupted views of the splendour contained in this scenic valley surrounded by majestic mountains.

The unique variety of cellars along the route taken by the Franschhoek Wine Tram range from small boutique wineries to tempt the palate of those looking for something a little different in their wines, to organised tours and conducted tastings at a few of the larger cellars, offering a range of award-winning wines that range from plump reds and elegant whites to delightful sparkling wines!

There is no other wine tour that shows you every facet of the heart of the Franschhoek Valley and the wine cultivated in the midst of all this beauty in this unique way. With the help of a narrator who introduces you to the rich history of the vineyards you pass, and the wine estates you stop off at along the way, there is no doubt that you will come away from your Franschhoek Wine Tram experience with a whole new perspective of Franschhoek, its wine estates and stunning restaurants!