One Thing You Must Do When Visiting the Cape Town Region

Cape Town and its surrounding area has rightfully become one of the most popular holiday destinations for visitors to South Africa. The city itself is a beautiful place to be, and quite unlike anywhere else in the country, while the towering Table Mountain and its adjacent nature reserves are stunning attractions that cannot be missed. We would like to tell you about another fantastic attraction that you really cannot miss, and it’s one that combines history, spectacular scenery, fine dining and wine!

The Franschhoek Valley Wine Tram is a unique experience; with us, you take a tour by traditional tram through the beautiful scenery of the Franschhoek Valley, a place with a rich history stretching back more than three centuries, and you have the option of hopping on and off at various points. You are free to explore the beauty of the valley, take a picnic or simply enjoy a walk in the countryside, but we would advise you to take the opportunity to enjoy a visit to some of the very impressive and famous wine estates that are at the very heart of the valley, and which produce the finest wines in South Africa.

As some of the estates also have excellent restaurants you can also enjoy a delicious meal – complete, of course, with local wine – and our adult ticket comes with two complimentary tasting sessions so you can sample the wine even without a meal. Back on the tram and we take you back to your point of origin, and we are sure you will have had an extremely enjoyable day! Plan your trip to Cape Town to include a day out – or more – on the Franschhoek Valley Wine Tram; you really will have a very exciting and unique day out.