How to Survive Your First Wine Tram Experience

One of Cape Town’s finest wine routes, Franschhoek, homes some of the country’s oldest wine farms, making it one of this summer’s top activities to enjoy. Some of the most celebrated wine farms in the region include La Motte, The Franschhoek Cellar, Vrede en Lust, to name a few.

With so much to do within the Franschhoek region, why not take a day trip on the Franschhoek wine tram and visit some of the Cape’s best wine farms? As there are numerous routes on offer, it’s almost impossible not to meet the needs of a wine-loving couple, small or large group.

What to Include in Your Backpack?

As there is a good chance you’ll spend most of the day between the various wine farms, you should ensure you pack in sunscreen, and to apply it often to exposed areas of your skin in order to avoid getting sunburned.

It’s also important to ensure you pack your sunglasses and a hat in for the wine tour, as the glare of the relentless African sun can do a real number on you. Should it be a bit colder than anticipated, it is always a good idea to keep a light jersey in your bag, so should you get cold, you have something to put over your shoulders.

Remember to Eat

Another important aspect to surviving your first wine tram is to remember to eat. While you move from one wine farm to the next, you should try to ensure that you are eating something small at every stop to help soak up the wine. As you are drinking alcohol, this will ensure that you always have food in your system and you will be able to fully maximise your time on the wine tram.

Charge Those Batteries

As you travel through the various wine farms as well as the wine tram, you will navigate through some of the best views Franschhoek has to offer. Make sure you’re able to embrace the moment and allow the memory to remain there and check you have your camera’s batteries charged, so you can take the perfect shot and capture those special moments. The same goes for your smartphone.

Who to Share the Experience with

As the tram can seat up to 32 people across eight benches, why not include some of your friends and family on the Franschhoek Wine Tram adventure with you? This means many people can share the experience with you.

Bookings Are Essential

There’s nothing more devastating than being unable make a booking because there’s no space left. With Summer fast approaching, bookings for the Franschhoek Wine Tram are essential, not only does this ensure a secure booking but it allows others to experience the same joy as we did.