Take a Few Days in the Franschhoek Valley

There are some spectacular places to visit in South Africa, and each has its own individual attributes. The Cape Town region has become very popular with visitors thanks to its varied cultural influences and the attractions of Cape Town itself, but for tourists in the region – and wine lovers especially – we strongly recommend you take a few days to enjoy the many wonders of the Franschhoek Valley. This glorious region was chosen some 300 years ago by refugees from France, who brought with them the wine making expertise that is the heart of the valley today.

The Franschhoek Valley Wine Tram offers you the chance to visit some of the best wine estates in Africa, and to enjoy the wonderful scenery of the valley at your own pace. To make things easier for you we now offer transfers from Cape Town to Franschhoek, each individually arranged and booked, so that you can get to and from the valley easily and at affordable rates. We can also help you find the best accommodation in the area so you can enjoy a stay in this most beautiful part of the country.

The Franschhoek Valley really is a wine lovers delight, and the Wine Tram is undoubtedly the very best way to enjoy the many impressive and historic wine states that cover the region. From the larger, famous estates that produce the best wines in the region you can take a full tour and tasting experience, and even enjoy a fine meal in some of the many restaurants that you can find across the valley. The Franschhoek Valley Wine Tram experience is one that you really don’t want to miss, so to arrange your seats, transfer and accommodation get in touch with us right now, and we’ll do all we can to make sure you have a wonderful time.