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Dating back to 1692, Babylonstoren is a historic Cape Dutch farm that boasts one of the best-preserved farmyards in the Cape. Best- loved for its magnificent garden. It divides into sections that comprise fruit, vegetables, berries, bees for pollinating, indigenous plants and more. Every aspect of Babylonstoren is led by the ever-changing tapestry and botanical diversity of the garden. Wines are produced in a state-of-the-art winery and are made to showcase the soils and climate of where the grapes are grown.

Dining: Housed in an old cow shed, Babel is a wonderful mix of Cape Dutch architecture with contemporary glass walls that makes for a simple yet edgy environment in which to try tasty yet often unconventional combinations. The restaurant has a farm-to-fork philosophy, which means food that is seasonal and that reflects a “pick, clean and serve” approach. Helpings are generous and depending on the weather you can take your meal in the glass-enclosed restaurant or under the trees in the courtyard.

Activities: Daily Cellar Tours: 10h00, 13h00 or 16h00 (2 hrs) The walking tour starts with some interesting facts about our farm’s history and wine heritage. Examples of different vines (table grapes as well as wine grapes) are shown. In the production cellar, the winemaking process is explained. The tour also includes a visit to our new wine tunnel, offering guests a journey through centuries of making and storing wine. After visiting the barrel cellar, it’s time to taste our range of wines. Guests gather around the large wooden table in the wine tunnel for the tasting. Accompaniments are served to complement each wine to perfection.

Booking is essential – or enquire about availability on arrival.

Daily Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar Tour: 11h00, 13h00 or 15h00 The walking tour starts with a visit to our balsamic vinegar cellar, where guests will gain insight into the traditional methods and production processes used to create our DOP-style vinegar, and taste both our three-year-old and twelve-year-old balsamic vinegars. This is followed by a behind-the-scenes look at how Babylonstoren’ s table olives are made in our olive production plant and sample the varieties on offer. After the tasting, the process of transforming olives into golden olive oil in our cold press process is explained in the olive press. Finally, it’s time to taste our olive oils. Guests can create their own 100ml blend of the different oils to take home as a small keepsake.

Booking is essential – or enquire about availability on arrival.

The Story of Wine Museum

We are delighted to invite you to this new and interactive space. As a modern museum, the space details the origins, cultivation, and culture behind mankind’s love affair with wine, while encouraging a contemporary narrative of its age-old traditions and social gravitas.  

The Story of Wine, as it’s aptly called, is a celebration of man’s ingenuity and the earth’s generosity, and the cultural events that have shaped our collective winemaking and -drinking heritage. 

From an antique collection of corkscrews that will excite many a helixophile, to a breakdown of the different soils that give wines of the world their distinct characteristics, the space is both playful and informative.

Visit The Story of Wine at the Tasting Room for a self-guided tour. Entry is free. 

Other Activities include Garden Tours, Farm Shop, Deli, Lekker Kamer, Bakkery, Scented Room

Please note that this Wine Estate charges entrance fee for all visitors

KIDS – R10


Depart From: Groot Drakenstein Terminal

Wine Tasting
Light Meal


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