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Welcome to Plaisir de Merle, our working wine farm steeped in history and at the mountain foothills, between Paarl and Franschhoek.

With a rich wine-making history that dates back 300 years, our French-inspired wines nod to time-honoured tradition while our estate has been reimagined, constantly innovating, and offering generosity of spirit and warm welcome to all guests who cross ‘Griffin-guarded’ gates.

Visitors to Plaisir are encouraged to enjoy the many lifestyle pursuits on offer at the estate. For refined indulgence, visit our tasting room, once the original old barn built back in 1823, to enjoy our award-winning fine wines and The Tempest gin bar. Tutored tastings and platters are served outdoors on luscious lawns, under the ancient oak trees and with the dramatic vista of the encompassing Simonsberg Mountains providing the most picturesque backdrop imaginable.

All are welcome to come and explore every nook and cranny of our working farm, boasting the most exquisite interiors and a world-class tasting experience. With wine sales at cellar door prices, newly launched bespoke Winelands accommodation available and conveniently located as a stop on the renowned Franschhoek Wine Tram route, we’ve got all the reasons to linger a little longer at your favourite Franschhoek wine farm!

Dining: This French-inspired pop-up eatery with bistro food good enough to drive from the city for, and a countryside atmosphere redolent of a Burgundian courtyard can be experienced at Plaisir de Merle. They are open for breakfast and lunch, from Wednesday to Sunday. The varied menu has everything from gloriously flaky croissants and the Plaisir de Merle French farm breakfast to lunch options such as cheese platters, fresh salads and nourishing soups. Breakfast and lunch options available for children as well. Should you like to indulge your sweet tooth, then tea or coffee and gâteau followed by a stroll to the winery will be just the thing. They are excited to share their nearly 400-year-old rich history, warm hospitality and je ne sais quoi.

Activities: Fudge Pairing, Flavour Sensation Tasting, Cellar Tour (pre-booked), Deli

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Depart From: Groot Drakenstein Terminal

Wine Estate - Wine Tasting - Wine Farm Franschhoek
Wine Tasting
Wine Estate - Wine Tasting - Wine Farm Franschhoek
Light Meal
Wine Estate - Wine Tasting - Wine Farm Franschhoek
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