NOTE: This line departs from the Drakenstein Terminal

Orange Line Timetable

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Maximum Stops by Departure Time STOPS: 5STOPS: 5STOPS: 4STOPS: 4STOPS: 3       
DEPART: Franschhoek TerminalBus9:30 AM10:05 AM10:40 AM11:15 AM11:50 AM----------------Last Drop-offCollect OnlyCollect Only
STOP 1: Noble HillBus10:11 AM10:46 AM11:21 AM11:56 AM12:31 PM1:06 PM1:41 PM2:16 PM2:51 PM3:26 PM4:01 PM4:36 PM
STOP 2: BabylonstorenBus10:19 AM10:54 AM11:29 AM12:04 PM12:39 PM1:14 PM1:49 PM2:24 PM2:59 PM3:34 PM4:09 PM4:44 PM
STOP 3: BacksbergBus10:26 AM11:01 AM11:36 AM12:11 PM12:46 PM1:21 PM1:56 PM2:31 PM3:06 PM3:41 PM4:16 PM4:51 PM
STOP 4: Vrede en Lust PlatformTram10:43 AM11:18 AM11:53 AM12:28 PM1:03 PM1:38 PM2:13 PM2:48 PM3:23 PM3:58 PM4:33 PM5:08 PM
STOP 5: Plaisir de Merle PlatformTram10:47 AM11:22 AM11:57 AM12:32 PM1:07 PM1:42 PM2:17 PM2:52 PM3:27 PM4:02 PM4:37 PM5:12 PM
STOP 6: Allee BleueBus------------12:49 PM1:24 PM1:59 PM2:34 PM3:09 PM3:44 PM4:19 PM4:54 PM5:29 PM
STOP 7: Solms DeltaBus------------12:55 PM1:30 PM2:05 PM2:40 PM3:15 PM3:50 PM4:25 PM5:00 PM5:35 PM
STOP 8: Boschendal (Cellar Door)Bus------------1:07 PM1:42 PM2:17 PM2:52 PM3:27 PM4:02 PM4:37 PM5:12 PM5:47 PM


EstateWine TastingRestaurantPicnicLight MealJungle GymCellar TourPlattersActivities (Activities marked in red require pre-booking)Tel. No.
Noble HillMéthode Cap Classique Tasting | Picnics (Oct - April) | Restaurant (Wed - Mon)(021) 874 3844
BabylonstorenCellar Tours (Hourly from 11:00AM to 3:00PM) | Garden | Farm Shop | Spa(021) 863 3852
BacksbergWine & Chocolate Pairing | Wine & Cheese Pairing | Wine Blending | Lamb Spit Sundays(021) 875 5141
Vrede & LustWine & Lindt Chocolate Pairing | Dalewood Cheese & Wine Pairing (pre-booked) | Garden Walk | Horse-Drawn Carriage Rides(021) 874 1611
Plaisir de MerleFudge Pairing | Cellar Tour (includes wine tasting) (021) 874 1071
Allée BleueCheese & Wine Pairing | Child-Friendly(021) 874 1021
Solms-DeltaVineyard Tours | History & Archeology Tour | Social Tour & Dik Delta Tour(087) 701 9734
(071) 088 3225
Boschendal (Cellar Door)Sunday Buffet(021) 870 4200

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